showcasing emerging and established artists and artisans

Image: BIG BEN. By John Bramblitt. Oil on canvas. 2016

Artists Showcase Int is an international, independent creative practice supporting the growth of visual artists.

From talks, presentations and exhibitions, this creative collective continues to work with a range of client-facing creative solutions, teams of collaborators and service providers, and like-minded professionals, to provide a platform presenting high-level and engaging events.

Art With An Audience - free weekly online talks

Join us every Friday evening for Art With An Audience – ‘Your Friday Evening Getaway’. These free scheduled online talks on artists and artworks are presented by our team of international practitioners. We hope they become a mainstay in your diary.

The weekly talks are held on Zoom and can be joined by using the link in our Twitter or Instagram bios:

Our talks this month: every Friday at 19.00 UK Time

You can see the talks that are taking place each Friday this month in the accompanying schedule.

Each talk is a 25-minute presentation by one of our team of international practitioners, ending with a piece of music inspired by the artist or artwork under discussion. We then have an informal Q&A to close the session.

If you’re interested in learning more about an iconic artwork or discovering an artist you were unfamiliar with, all in the comfort of your home, come and join Art With An Audience – we look forward to seeing you.

For full details of our upcoming talk, as well as meeting the practitioners who present Art With An Audience, please go here.

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For the past artists and artworks we’ve presented in our online talks, visit the archive

The MOMENT Project - exhibitions and events

From March 2022, in collaboration with Space Generators, we present The MOMENT Project – a monthly exhibition and series of events in a Soho studio space. 

With a different theme for each month, we look to present the work of artists who are talking about important issues right now.

Throughout June...


including Workshops, a Fashion Show and an Auction

For more information, please go here

Follow Artists Showcase Int on social media for news of what’s coming up as soon as we release it and if you’d like to get in touch, please visit Contact Us