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On a Friday evening at 19.00 UK Time, Artists Showcase Int presents Art With An Audience. These free online talks, scheduled as ‘Your Friday Evening Getaway’, are delivered by our team of international practitioners to share a fresh view of artists and artworks, in the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, film, theatre, and installations.

From July 2022, our online talks will change to take place once a month, on the last Friday of the month.

Our next Art With An Audience: Friday 29th June at 19:00 UK Time

DISPLAYING THE BENIN BRONZES – Devastation and Restitution

Presented by Theodora Philcox

The incredibly intricate detail of the Benin Bronzes, created as early as the 13th century, confounded museum curators after thousands of artefacts arrived in Europe following their brutal looting from Benin City by the British in 1897.

As they were dispersed among major museums and private collections, perception and understanding of the Bini culture and its historic trading arrangements had to be thoroughly revised, and debates about how the objects should be categorised and displayed still rage over a hundred years since their abduction. 

The origin and purpose of these beautiful objects open debates around definitions of art and the role of museums as custodians of world culture. This talk will explore these issues and invite comments. 

Image credit: Memorial bust of King Mother Iyoba.
Copyright: © Ethnological Museum, Berlin.

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The story behind Art With An Audience

These free online talks started in May 2021 with the aim to share a fresh view of artists and artworks in the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, film, theatre, and installations.

Art With An Audience was formed from a conversation during one of the UK’s lockdowns between ASI founder Andrew Mashigo and photographer Robert Raynard. They talked about creating an online space in which people based anywhere could discover and learn about great artists and works of art.

With their backgrounds and experiences from organisations such as the Tate galleries, they created the Art With An Audience online talks, running from spring 2021 onwards. 

Now, with a team of seven international practitioners who all bring their passion to communicate about artists and artworks, Art With An Audience continues into 2022 to present an even more varied artistic programme for ‘Your Friday Evening Getaway’.

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