Here are photographers in our exhibition, The Hood, The Hard, The Hungry.

Eve Milner

Eve Milner is a photographer based in South London, drawing daily inspiration from her neighbourhood and its people. She is a largely self-taught photographer.

Drawing specific narrative from The Hard, Eve explains her photographs this way;

Hard (nautical) is a firm or paved beach or slope by water that is convenient for hauling boats out of the water, a safe landing spot. The term is especially used in Hampshire, southern England e.g. Bucklers Hard.

Mikale is a refugee born in Eritrea who eventually escaped by boat. He “landed” in London at the age of 17, and was sleeping rough before finding a place in one of the night shelters run by The Robes Project here in Southwark, where I volunteer, and where we met. He is re-building his life, currently as a barrista with, but he would like to become a digital animator.

The Aran sweater takes its name from the Aran Isles off the west coast of Ireland. The Islanders were fishermen, and each village knitted a pattern unique to that village. The sweater pattern helped to identify the body of an fisherman washed up on the beach after an accident at sea, and thus the body could be returned home.

All profits from the sale of these images & any prints will be donated, with Mikale’s permission, to The Robes Project.

Image: RISING.

By Eve Milner. 2020

Robert Raynard

Photographer Biography.

Robert Raynard has always been interested in photography and recalls that as a teenager he used an analogical camera in the 1980s and 1990s, dedicating time to photographs of monuments and friends. However he also looked for inspiration in places, and friends or family members.

Robert settled down in London in 1996 and has recently made the decision to focus on portrait. This thematic photography portrays Brexit related events or socio-cultural situations.

He is also keen to take on new photographic challenges and not setting any limits for these. He lived in Tooting between 2001 and 2009, an area and time that eventually influenced his more recent work, Crossrail versus Tooting Market, which can be seen in this exhibition.

Robert has since been resident in Lewisham, south-east London.

All profits from the sale of his prints will be donated to Samaritans Charity.


By Robert Raynard. 2020


Louise Cressida-Gough

Louise Gough is a mixed media artist based in south London. She trained as a window dresser, working first with fabrics and linens and then moving on to high-end fashion. She studied and went into interior design, but then after about ten years, decided to return to art.

She studied textile art at City Lit before embarking on several experiments with the painting medium, resulting in her unique use of Acrylic paints in cellular art.

Louise’s work is mainly contemporary and she has been working exclusively on cellular art projects. The technique can be very complicated, unconventional, time-consuming and extremely nerve-wracking at times, especially with the way the medium turns out some very unexpected results. Inspite of this, Louise has found ways of working with the medium that helps her create those end results, which in her words, is always worth all of the trepidation.

Purple Rain

Acrylic and Silicone. 2019
Image copyright: Eve Milner

Ismael Moga

The HereAfter

Acrylic painting on paper. 2016
Image copyright: Ismael Moga

Anu Shreshta

The Identity Series

Acrylic painting. 2015
Image copyright: Anu Shreshta 2019

Tanya Tribe

The Upcycle Project. 2017

Jeans and mixed media