Eve Milner

Eve Milner is a photographer based in South London, drawing daily inspiration from her neighbourhood and its people. She is a largely self-taught photographer.

Drawing specific narrative from The Hard, Eve explains her photographs this way;

Hard (nautical) is a firm or paved beach or slope by water that is convenient for hauling boats out of the water, a safe landing spot. The term is especially used in Hampshire, southern England e.g. Bucklers Hard.

Mikalie is a refugee born in Eritrea who eventually escaped by boat. He “landed” in London at the age of 17, and was sleeping rough before finding a place in one of the night shelters run by The Robes Project here in Southwark, where I volunteer, and where we met. He is re-building his life, currently as a barista with Change.org, but he would like to become a digital animator.

The Aran sweater takes its name from the Aran Isles off the west coast of Ireland. The Islanders were fishermen, and each village knitted a pattern unique to that village. The sweater pattern helped to identify the body of a fisherman washed up on the beach after an accident at sea, and thus the body could be returned home.

All profits from the sale of these images & any prints will be donated, with Mikalie’s permission, to The Robes Project.

Image: RISING. By Eve Milner. 2020

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